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Selecting the Best Construction Company and What to Consider

Updated: May 5, 2022

Here are a few tips on what to consider when choosing a reputable construction company.

It’s a big decision choosing a construction company to plan and complete your project(s). The wrong choice could end up costing countless unnecessary hours of time and more money you didn’t expect to spend. Choosing the right one can make the project process easier, faster, and more affordable. Do your research, look at reviews, and make sure they are a reputable contractor.

When reviewing your options, it may be tempting to go with the company that offers the best price. Whether it’s a small project or a larger one quality matters and it may come a slightly higher price.

But there are so many different factors in a construction project that play into a good construction team. Without relevant experience and the right people on the team, things may not go as smoothly as they should.

To help you select a construction company for your next project. Here are some things to think about before choosing the best contractor.


Future success is past success. This is a good marker of quality experience if a construction company has already done the job with the same parameters within your project. This will help you evaluate which company has the best experience for your project.

To begin…make sure to know the scope of your project, the square footage, the project details, and make a list of those elements and ask the companies you’re considering to provide examples of their projects completed that fit those qualifications. In some cases, the experience may not need to be identical to be relevant, however knowing that your selected construction company that has successfully incorporated similar elements in past projects is important.


Before choosing a construction team, you need to get a clear picture of their commitment to safety. You can see this through various safety-related markers, like EMR (Experience Modifier Rate) and OSHA 300 and 300a logs. Take a close look at their modifier rates online and their training. These are very important making sure that the project is safely handled.

Ask for information on their company safety policy and if they have a full-time safety officer. This is often a sign that the company takes safe work practices seriously, and they’re taking steps to educate their employees and implement effective safety programs. Accidents to happen and even if a company has had a couple past reports does not mean it’s not a reputable company. However, if they do have several then you may want to consider passing them up.

The Team

While the project experience of the company is certainly important, the experience of the individuals who will be running your projects may be even more so.

When choosing a construction company for your project, you want to know who will be leading your project on a day-to-day basis. Ask them to provide an overview of experience for key people anticipated to lead your project that include their past projects and references. This can vary but will typically include the project executive, project/preconstruction manager, and superintendent. Sometimes even the owner takes lead on a job, and these are things you should know before starting any project. You are paying for valuable time, money, and products, while trusting them to respect each of them.

Reviews and References

Yes, it takes time to review references and testimonials, but hearing directly from the construction company’s clients and business partners will give you a clear view and sense of what to expect from the company.

Reviews and client testimonies are very important to a company’s reputation and gives customer satisfaction knowing whether that company holds up to their work and their word by standing strong in a 5-star point system.

Construction Project Budgets

You want the construction team that can deliver the best project for the least amount of cost. Prioritizing cost above everything can be a risky approach. Consider a construction team that is not only committed to working within your budget but will do so while considering overall value.

When evaluating bids, it’s important you look at them carefully as opposed to just the bottom line. If one bid is significantly lower than others, you may want to take a deeper dive to find out why. Did that company miss something? Are they cutting corners now to get the project? While it can certainly be tempting to choose the team with the lowest bid, this could end up causing major headaches down the road.


Quality subcontractors are an essential part of a successful construction project and in most cases something is subcontracted in larger jobs including contractors that specialize in a trade or are licensed such as, plumbing, tiling, and electrical . You want to be sure you’re selecting a construction company that assembles the best team possible to get your job done.

Additionally, your construction team should have a plan in place to prequalify new subcontractors so they’re sure they’re bringing a reputable company onto your jobsite.

Licensing, Bonding, & Insurance

Very important…make sure your construction companies are fully licensed to do work in your state. Ask for them to provide a copy of their license in their proposal or qualification responses.

Another important factor is making sure your construction company is bonded. This helps protect you in the event that the company is unable to complete the project or executes it in a poor manner.

Be sure they proper liability and property damage insurance, as well as worker’s compensation. Ask for insurance certificates in your request for qualifications or proposal. If something should go wrong, you do not want it landing on you.


If you are looking for a reputable construction company in the Peoria, IL and surrounding areas and would like to get a bid on a project, call Wolf Construction at 309.648.7273 or email at

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Wolf Construction currently services Peoria, IL, Dunlap, Bartonville, Pekin, Metamora, Germantown Hills, East Peoria, Peoria Heights, Chillicothe, Washington, and surrounding areas. We're fully licensed and insured.

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